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Barbara and Alden Smith
Tika and George – – – nothing can compare to your marvelous hospitality! Where can I start? Your many kindnesses during our trip to the Republic of Georgia brought an overwhelming feeling of appreciation to our hearts. You welcomed us like long-not-seen family members into your own country home and gave us a lovely experience to be long remembered – – – and you sent us off with a farewell dinner as a lifetime experience to be cherished – – – the company, the dinner, the singers, the setting – – – incomparable. We are deeply grateful. I must tell you that we can not stop singing Georgia’s praises – – – and we are startled at the lack of perception of your marvelous country by so many of our friends and colleagues. If they only knew first hand! We are urging them to go and experience Georgia for themselves. With hearts full of appreciation for your kindnesses and your open arms,
Dear Eka and George, First, let me apologize for the lateness of this email. I want to express my very BIG THANK YOU!!!! Our trip in April visiting your beautiful country of Georgia was just a fabulous experience!!! You exemplify the warm hospitality of the people and country and I enjoyed every moment!! Each day there was something special to see/taste/experience and the true highlight was meeting you and spending time together on our last day. Thank you so much for the opportunity, the care, the attention, the view into yourculture…I will never forget it. Since my return, I’ve been showing my photos and talking about Georgia nonstop! I hope that I will be able to send you clients in the futurewho will share in the adventure of Georgia! Thank you very, very much!! I wish you all the very best!!
Endika and Valeria
Dear Tika, George and Eka we are in flight from Tbilisi to Barcelona we have a 4.40 hour flight and we will be home. to rest, relax, exercise and a little lenten behaviour valeria and i have found a new set of unique people we are pleased and honored to call our friends. you are our guests when you come to the Philippines we have found a unique country with so much content of all sorts from people, hospitality, history, food, wine, dance and beauty both internal and external thank you to all of you would be so lacking that I dare not use the words…the only correct word is revenge…We will make you gain weight in manila…again, our dear friends, thank you We will see you soon and hopefully we can do something together mabuhay…
Brian Brown
Tika – I just wanted to drop a quick note to say “thank you” for the lovely time that was planned for me while I visited Georgia last week. Every aspect of my visit was wonderful – from the sites, fine food, and perfect guiding.I also enjoyed my visit to neighboring Armenia, where everything was also nicely done.I look forward to another visit in the near future – perhaps after the new Kempinski opens in Tbilisi – which I will intend to supplement with a visit to Azerbaijan.Until then, best wishes and thanks again for the hospitable welcome. Best Regards-
Thank you so much for the invitation to visit explore a new destination for us; GEORGIA! What a lovely country. There was so much to see and experience. We loved Merab for his patience and his touring expertise on the history, culture, sights and economy of his homeland. The Marriott was spacious, comfortable and they have the most luxurious sheets. The staff was very accommodating. The Caucasus mountain trip was an adventure! The Rooms hotel is very fun. We loved the library, the great lobby, the bar and music, the antique rugs, the interesting furniture, the meals and the accommodations were very fine. The view is glorious! and to meet the “Tica” family on their personal turf was very special! What a fabulous day walking the olive orchard, making Georgian Snickers and dumplings. The feast was beautiful, plentiful and delicious! Thank you for the Georgian Svanidze Wine! We shared it with family and friends for Easter. It was so nice to meet George and Eka and dine at their wonderful restaurant and at their home. What a great venue you planned for us.Thanks for all your hard work in planning a very fine and interesting itinerary for us. Until next time! Sincerely,
Hi Tika, I would like to thank you for the perfect and professional organization of my trip.Georgia is a marvelous country. I was deeply impressed by its beauty, especially the stunning variety of landscapes and its richness of tradition. Georgia has a great potential as a holiday destination for Europeans, especially for a target group interested in mountains and outdoor activities (hiking & biking), maybe in combination with a stay at the Black Sea. At present Georgia is rather an insider tipp and thus hardly known as a holiday destination in Europe. The country needs to be promoted via important tourism fairs throughout Europe and cooperations with tour operators. However, I will share my positive experience with your country and with your agency with people in the tourism industry and by doing so I hope to contribute to its promotion. And last but not least I would like you to extend my sincere thanks to Levan. He is a fantastic guide with a broad knowledge of your country’s history and tradition. He does his job very professionally, conscientiously and with a lot of passion and dedication. I appreciated his company very much!I thank you also for the warm welcome and the delicious lunch at your house! A very special treat I shall never forget. It was a great pity I couldn’t meet you personally.I wish you all the best and hope to be in contact with you soon again.
Dear Tika, Next time I hope to meet you …unexpected surprise for a traveller like us ..who have been to almost 70 countries …we know how to travel….trust me. What your guys did for us was amazing … no words to thank you …yes there is a word … Tika and friends are most welcome to Abu Dhabi at anytime…Eka is a lovely person that I really would like to meet her again with George. Bela is an amazing cook …we are looking forward to try the Kachapuri at our place…I will check if Georgia send the Cheese to Dubai…I will contact some Georgia people living there. David is amazing friend Goderzi is top !!! All kind and professionals. Tika if we have had an amazing time in Georgia be assured that was with the help of my colleagues from Tika……Amazing….Thanksssssss. We have just arrived safe at Baku and already missing Georgia.
Dear Tika, George and Eka, A very big thank-you for all that you did to make my visit to Georgia so interesting and so successful. Although it was just six days long we managed to cover 1200 km and fit in all that I hoped – and more. Throughout I felt safe, well guided and the recipient of wonderful hospitality. None of that will surprise anyone who knows Georgia of course, but it is an important discovery to convey to readers. Also the availability of comfortable hotels to stay in.Now the hard, but enjoyable work of writing begins, and I may possibly trouble you with some questions. In the mean time renewed thanks for all your support and help. My best,
Dear David, We have arrived Bangkok. Flight delayed 1 hour but it is ok. First of all i have to say thank you to all of you and of course you are the most important one who i have to give big thank. Pls. Sent my regards to Tika and tell her thank you for nice wine which she gave to me. Best regards,
How wonderful to receive your email, George, while we were in New York City for a family Christmas trip. It brought back so many happy memories of you, your sister, and your wonderful family and our most memorable trip to the Republic of Georgia – – – what an experience for us. We are still singing Georgia’s praises to all of our friends and business colleagues – – -in fact, Travel & Leisure magazine named Georgia one of the best places to have visited in 2015 and one to visit in 2016. Your country has truly gained a worldwide, marvelous reputation – – – and it is most certainly based on the outstanding hospitality that Georgians offer their visitors. Alden and I send all best wishes back to you all,
ear David and Tika- Thank you for a fantastic holiday in your beautiful country. We were truly amazed at your side of the world. It was everything you promised us. The tour guide was patent, knowledgeable and a beautiful person inside and out. The driver was seriously the sweetest driver we have ever had on any of our trips. He was safe, courteous and went above and beyond every chance he got. They were a great team and we believe truly highlighted the Georgian people well. The highlights of our trip include the first hotel, being able to wake up to the Tbilisi city view was spectacular. They had a great breakfast with a beautiful view. We loved Rooms hotel and the Mountain. Wow, was that impressive. We do not have that in the US. We loved seeing the Georgian dancing. And all the food. So much delicious food. The dinner with Katlino was also lovely. We really enjoyed a smaller gathering and understanding more of a local view. Those are just a few of the special moments we had. Thank you for everything.
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